Pune gets Sassy !

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The Sassy Spoon finally opened its doors to the public on 23rd Jan at Pune. Located in  lane 7 of Koregaon Park this place has acquired a huge space for itself. The tremendous publicity events made us inquistive enough to try this place on first day itself. The service offered and the attention we got on the table was extremely pleasing and our overall experience at this place was great. Though the sassiness of the place could pick up with time, as much as one knows about the Mumbai outlets, this place has scope for improvement.

CUISINE : Continental, Mediterranean , Italian, Finger food 

1.  Murtabak with a Chicken Rendang stuffing


The  Murtabak with a Chicken Rendang stuffing is a dish belonging to Indonesia with a deep flavour of spices and coconut.  The highlight of this dish is the Peanut sauce that makes this dish a perfect combination.

Price : 330/-

2.  Cajun spiced , butter garlic prawns with crusty french baguette 


The prawns served in a hot pan did not disappoint us. The cajun seasoning and the mild flavours of this dish make this a comfort dish. Served with the french baguette the prawns are flavourful yet subtle to the palate.

Price : 460/-

3. Loaded potato skins 


I never thought a dish made out of potato skins could be so pleasing. The crunchy stuffing along with a potato mash makes this a perfectly textured dish. The potato definitely seems much more interesting and is recommendation for the vegetarians.

Price : 270/-

4.  BBQ grilled chicken with sauteed veggies and scallion meshed potatoes 


The most beautiful and colourful dish of the evening was our main course. With the comfort of meshed potatoes ,the sweet and tangy flavour of the bbq sauce and the freshness of the veggies. This dish surely was the highlight of the evening. Highly recommended to those looking for a safe and easy choice in the main courses.

Price : 425/-

5. Seven textured hazelnut and chocolate 


As soon as we ordered for this dish , we were told that this was one of the Signature dishes in the menu. The dish looked so tempting and the first bite was a moment of heaven. The smooth textures of chocolate along with the crunchiness of the hazelnut one can just not get enough of this blissful dessert.

Price : 320/-

6. The Blueberry cheecake 

We ordered the blueberry cheesecake from a variety of desserts at the Sassy teaspoon, the bakery run by the same. The blueberry was fresh and the textures of the dessert made it divine.

7. Our Mocktail Choice : Soul cooler  (Kokum, Lemon, Cilantro and green chillies)

Price : 190/-



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