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IMG_1576.JPGAfter the first branch in Pune at Law  College Road , Tea trails has its second one located at Baner. This Tea cafe has an outdoor as well an indoor seating providing a place for people to hangout as they say that no problem or crisis cannot be solved by a cup of tea. 

Anish Deshmukh, the head chef and the host for the evening enlightened us about the selection of tea that Tea Trails offers with a thorough knowledge of the process of making tea. Tea trails definitely glorifies the concept of herbal teas and provides an insight to the medicinal benefits by each tea in its menu.

  1. White Tea : Silver needle has a delicate aroma and is extremely soothing. This is made from the tips of silver needle with a pale olive green liquor and a mildly fruity and sweet taste. This is said to be one of the most expensive tea but has anti aging and anti oxidant properties that maintains a good health and skin. IMG_1570.JPG

2. Green Tea : Green tea has various benefits  and is said be the healthiest of all the teas. It helps in weight loss and is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients.

Kashmiri Kahwa is a beautiful blend of almonds and spices. One of the best served teas at Tea trails this was the personal favorite in the selection of teas offered. It has the most comforting aroma and is originally from Kashmir.

Jasmine Green has a scent of Jasmine that perfectly amalgamates with the taste of the tea. This is indeed a refreshing kind that reminds you of sipping a cup of tea early in the morning in a garden.

Darjeeling Green is paler compared to the above teas. Hailing from the hills of Darjeeling this tea is smooth and delicate. It has a gentle aroma and is the most sought after green tea.


3. Oolong Tea : A lukewarm Chinese tea with much more flavor to it this tea has the benefit of sharpening thinking skills and improving mental health.


4. Tisanes : Red Zen is a bright colored tea with a fruity and a milder taste. It contains hibiscus and orange peels along with spices and has benefits of shedding weight. This tea could also be served cold.


5. Bubble Tea : 

Milk based fruit shakes added with Tapioca balls are refreshing and can be enjoyed by those who are not fond of tea yet enjoy the health benefits of tea.

6. Matcha : 

Matcha is a powdered green tea. Tea Trails offers Matcha in its coolers menu which is extremely refreshing to the palate and calming and perfect for a hot summer afternoon.


6. Smokey Chinese Lapsang Souchong : This chinese tea is a form of black tea and is extremely low in caffeine and helps in better circulation. Said to be the perfect tea for smokers. This has a smoky aroma and is said to be Winston Churchill’s favorite tea.

7. Masala Chai : The masala Chai is no different from the chai offered outside. With a blend of aromas and spices this is perfect for the chai lovers.




The food menu at tea trails is selected to perfectly combine with the selection of teas. Though the food isn’t too different and attractive but the menu also has tea infused salads. The Burmese Tea salad and the Marbled Egg salad were recommended to us which are infused with the crunch and bitterness of tea along with the freshness of the salad. These dishes are a whole new level for tea lovers. The Marbled Egg Salad contains eggs boiled in tea and looks attractive but doesn’t do much difference on the palate.

The Smoked Paneer and Smoked chicken Sandwiches are delicious and we ordered for another round of the Smoked Chicken Sandwiches. This is the most recommended dish in the food menu with a good amount of stuffing and served with fries.

Other than the above we were also served the perfect combination of Bhajiyas with Chai. The most sought after combination in India on a rainy day this is the recommended combination for all the Chai lovers.

Black Forest Pastry makes a good combination with the Red Zen tea  but the dessert is no different from the ones served in local bakeries. Tea trails can definitely improve on this one to raise this combination.

Tea trails has a lot to offer and hence should work more to highlight the beautiful selection of teas. The food and tea combinations could be better but the tea experience was wonderful. This is a recommendation to all the tea lovers and also to those who do not love tea because one can definitely find their perfect select as per an individual choice and benefit for a healthier lifestyle.


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