Mahableshwar – A Foodie’s Getaway

Long weekends always deserve a getaway. Don’t they ??
With one good company, we found ourselves on the very streets of Mahabaleshwar.
Knowing the streets by heart and left with  no points to explore we thought of trying out some new food joints.
Here we go..
1)Meghdoot Restaurant
Located in the busy market street of Mahabaleshwar, the aroma of the chicken Shawarma lured us in the restaurant.
The chicken was brilliantly marinated leaving the taste buds asking for more.
No wonder, it’s the signature dish of the restaurant.
The chicken lollipop, though a bit oily was perfectly crispy.Chicken tandoor is another recommended dish of that restaurant.
Akbarali’s is a very small restaurant in the market street of Panchgani. Amongst the top favourites are the Aloo and Paneer parathas. For all those with a big appetite, this place should be in your check list.
Tip-Eat when hot.
3)Strawberry Wine
A food post about Mahabaleshwar can never be complete without its famous “Strawberry with cream”
But this time we decided to try it from a new place.Strawberry Wine is a really cute place decked up with flower plantations  which serves fresh strawberries straight from its farms. Strawberry with cream was very refreshing and the place which was really quiet made it a wonderful experience.
They even sell strawberry wine out there.
We were offered a mini Gujarati thali here.
The Gujarati dal and tamatar nu saag was delicious. If you’re looking for simple homemade food, this is the place to go for.
The fries were crispy and delicious.The chaat masala takes this dish to a whole new level.
The sandwiches were decent.
Thus after a weekend of binging on good food ,here are a few places to try in Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani.
Dina for Parsi food, Lucky’s in Panchgani for a simple breakfast and Bagicha for its corn variety are a few good options. With just the perfect weather to accompany some delicious food and stroll around, Mahabaleshwar just made my weekend!

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  1. Dhruv Ghatge says:

    Wonderful !! 👌🏻

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