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Seasons Apartment Hotel has a number of restaurants Melange, Cinnamon Spice and Flavors. Recently, I was invited for a tasting at Flavors for their food festival “Tasteful Journeys “. Flavors is a multi cuisine restaurant usually doing buffets for their guests with a huge spread and a changing menu. The festival aimed to do a huge spread each day inspired by different cuisines and the theme for the day was North Indian. The menu for Tasteful Journeys contains North Indian , South Indian, Maharashtrian , Italian and Oriental dishes between 17th to 26th February.

  1. Welcome Drinks : 

    The fruit delight, a mixed fruit crush with soda and Jaljeera was served to us as welcome drinks. The fruit delight was refreshing but no different and a Jaljeera could never go wrong and is always refreshing on a hot sunny day.

  2. Salads and Soup : The Shorba was non oily and slightly creamy that gives you a soothing feeling on an off day. The Salad spread had a huge variety to choose from with different sauces. The Tandoori Murgh Chat was easily the highlight dish of the day among  all the courses. The Coleslaw salad was fresh and could be easily enjoyed on a hot summer afternoon with the spices of North Indian food.

    3. Starters : 

    The starters had a huge variety in Chicken, Fish , paneer and mushrooms. The Starters taste best when served hot on the table. The menu contained some interesting dishes like Curried Flavored grill Chicken , Spicy Black Bean Fish , Murg Kasundi Kebab , Grilled Fish in Lemon Butter Sauce, Kasoori Paneer tikka, Mushroom salt & pepper and pesto tossed potato. All these would have been much better if they were served hot on the table which was immediately rectified by the chef once suggested but the same needs to be taken care of for the rest of the customers. The non vegetarian starters overpowered the vegetarian ones and the Murg Kasundi Kebab was the best amongst all the starters once it was cooked well and served to us hot.

    4. Main Course :

    The main course had a variety of Oriental and north Indian dishes to choose from . The Oriental dishes could easily be skipped as the theme for the day was North Indian and the Oriental Dishes were not too pleasing. The Vegetarian dishes on the other hand took us by surprise as they overpowered the non vegetarian dishes. Gobi Mussalam and the Paneer methi were delicious with subtle flavors and certainly fulfilling the purpose of the festival. The vegetarian Biryani had the perfect balance of ingredients.

5. Chaat Counter : img_2246

The chaat counter did not seem to appealing but the Counter served Dabeli and Bhel which could be given a try by those looking for a ligher meal.

6. Desserts :

Shahi Tukda , Coconut Gulab Jamun , Mango mousse and fresh fruits cannot be given a miss. The Coconut Gulab Jamun was loved by everyone. The Shahi Tukda lacked the creaminess of Rabdi and hence was a little too sweet for our liking. The trifle and the Blueberry Gateu were decent and could be skipped.

Flavors was completely packed at the time we visited and the customers seemed to enjoy the buffet. Being one of its first kind of buffet restaurants in the area, this restaurant is preferred by a lot of people due to its decent rates and wide spread with something for all. The “tasteful Journeys”festival did not seem to be anything different on the day we visited. The restaurant could really up the game by making sure the dishes are served hot and be more creative with the buffet. Overall, the huge spread could look mesmerizing but not completely satisfying.


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    Nice review! 🙂


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