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Beetroot Bistro is now at ABC Farms, Mundhwa and anything with fairylights and good food always makes us even more excited. Beetroot Bistro is a pocket friendly restaurant and we decided to give this a try to celebrate a birthday . The menu has a great spread of Italian and Continental food and is highly recommended if you enjoy the cuisine and are looking for something that does not make a dig in the pocket with a group of friends or for a date. The new Beetroot Bistro reminds you of a beachside shack with its interiors, pretty lights and soothing music.   

  1. Starters :  img_2584

    For starters we ordered a variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian starters. The Jalapeno poppers were cheesy and extremely satisfying. We were served the Nachos with sumptuous amount of Cheese and Salsa Dip and Hummus Pita bread looked so pleasing but were a bit of a disappointment. The highlight dishes were the Peri Peri Chicken and the Butter Garlic Prawns which were extremely well cooked with the right balance of ingredients . As much as they looked tempting they were equally delicious to relish on. The Lemongrass Chicken is recommended for those looking for mild flavors and a good chicken dish.

Pricing : Vegetarian starters ranging from 160-200/-                                                                     Non Vegetarian starters ranging from 190-360/-

2. MAIN COURSE :  img_2612

For Pizza we ordered Contadina which had a topping of Broccolli, Bell Peppers, Sundried Tomatoes, Artichokes, Olives, Jalapenos. This was a mix of all the veggies possible that seem right on a pizza. The thin crust was nice and crunchy and the overload of veggies made us place an order for the same a second time.  Price : 360/-


Inspite of ordering the Alfredo Penne, we were served the Spaghetti Algio E Olio which we did not bother complaining about as it looked equally tempting. The Garlic bread served with the Pasta was soft and buttery and enhanced the dish. The Spaghetti was well cooked and the sauce was well done.  Price : 210/-


The best part about the bar at Beetroot Bistro are the normalised rates compared to most of the places in the area. The Tequila Sunrise was definitely one of the best drink from the Cocktails and for those who do not prefer tequila can enjoy the same as a mocktail. The Orange and Basil was the highlight in the mocktails, extremely refreshing this citrus based drink is perfect for the summers. Other than these the Sex and the Beach and the Cosmopolitan were equally good and can be enjoyed.

Our experience at Beetroot Bistro was extremely pleasant with the staff being cordial . The starters were served to us pretty quickly but as the place filled up on a Saturday night the rest of the orders took a while. The food does not disappoint and nor does the music. Plus this place could be thoroughly enjoyed with a group of friends on a friday karaoke night.


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  1. Aditi says:

    Good review 🙂


  2. ritz76 says:

    How do u connect this review on Zomato.. I would like to know .. ?


    1. lazypanda says:

      Using the spoonback feature of Zomato. You could google it.


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