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When we got an invite for the Sunday Anti Brunch at The Little Next Door , we were quite excited. Firstly, both of us are quite the “brunch “kind of people. Secondly, the invite by Carpe Diem said this was supposed to be an “Anti- Brunch”. Thus quite inquisitive about the same, we landed up here on a Sunday afternoon.

Located in one of the quite corners of Kalyani Nagar, The Little Next Door gives you a vibe of a laid back afternoon with your friends and family. The outdoor seating does not make you feel hot even on a summer afternoon due to the shadows of the trees under which this restaurant is situated.Be it a group of friends or family, this place has something to offer for all with its multiple games and a homely spread . When we asked Ashutosh and Mayur, our hosts,about “Why Anti Brunch ?”instead of the usual brunch, we were told that the entire idea was to get people to spend their sunday afternoon with their friends in a homely atmosphere, for which you could just land up in pyajamas and be at leisure from 12pm – 6 pm at this place.

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What totally intrigued us were the mutliple food stations with your “Do it Yourselves” pastas, salads, egg dishes and pancakes. A live barbeque for the kebabs, a variety of pizzas and desserts to choose from and refreshing sangrias and beer to beat the heat.

Salad and Pasta Station : Our first station consisted of salads and pastas. You get to choose your salad dressing and veggies to go with it.The best part about this was that everything that goes into making your food is extremely fresh and of excellent quality. The pasta has a variety of pasta and veggies options along with sauces to choose from and is served to you hot. We chose a Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken and a Honey Mustard Salad with Smoked Chicken along with White Creamy Sauce Pasta with Olives and Mushroom. 

The Barbeque Grill : Everything from the Barbeque Grill pleased us . The Barbeque Grill is definitely a hit with well chosen variety of well cooked grills to offer. The grills included Chilli Chicken Skewers , Charcoal Grill Sausages , Basil Pesto Chicken Steak and Tadoori Fish kebab served to us with a variety of dips and condiments. The Basil Pesto Chicken Steak is a definite try for those who enjoy a mild flavored well cooked steak. The Tandoori Fish definitely can be enjoyed by all the seafood lovers. From the vegetarian menu we decided to try the Spicy Corn and Peas Patty which is served with a spicy creamy sauce and was delicious.

Eggs and Pancakes Station :  Eggs and Pancakes define Brunch, hence we could not miss out on the much talked about and recommended pancakes and insisted the chef to make us a double layered pancake with a nutella, strawberry, fresh cream and maple syrup topping. With a variety of options to get your eggs done , we went with the classic masala omlette with cheese which just cant go wrong in a brunch. The pancakes and omelette were fluffy and drool worthy and ended our tasting on a perfect note.

Drinks : Playing safe with our choice of drinks, nothing is better than a White Wine Sangria and a Beer to go along with your brunch .  The Sangria surely did not disappoint and made a perfect combination with the rest of the menu. IMG_2981

The Anti Brunch is exactly something we love for a Sunday  afternoon. The menu is simple, classic , well chosen yet so appetizing. A good meal does not always have to be served to you in the form of fancy dishes and a fancy menu. It could be worth waiting for , watching your meal being cooked and immediately have it served hot and fresh. We would strongly recommend this to you all to experience the “Anti-Brunch” at The Little Next Door and what more could you ask for at

₹495 + Tax:  Food  , ₹695 + Tax: Food  and Mocktails

₹990 + Tax: Food with Beer & Sangria. 




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