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Shizusan has been one of the most interesting and appealing places since the day it opened a year ago! After several failed attempts to try out this place, we were excited to  receive an invite from Carpe Diem for the tasting of 12 new dimsums in their menu till 23rd March. Shizusan is a food traveller and the entire concept of this restaurant is based on that.  An elemental decor narrates the story of Shizusan on his travels which is welcoming and as well as immediately indulges you into the entire concept. With a huge seating arrangement, including outdoor and indoor, this restaurant need not necessary be a stopover in between your shopping trips but can also be a drive proving to be worth it for the sole purpose of a really good meal. A well selected menu from the Southeast parts of Asia, this restaurant will give you a culinary experience like no other in Phoenix Marketcity. Our host Kartik, from Bellona Hospitality briefed us about “Dimsums of Southeast Asia” which included a well curated Dimsum menu inspired by flavors from various parts like Korea, Japan, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines.  The best part about this menu is the equal number of options available for vegetarians and non vegetarians with similar dishes served for each .


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  1. Panfried Kimchi & Chestnut MandooPanfried Kimchi & Tenderloin Mandoo :Served with Kimchi, a Korean national dish of fermented cabbage, Mandoo denotes a half fried dumpling that has the right amount of crunch as well as filling. This can be enjoyed as an appetizer.


 2. Three Mushroom Rolls and The Sea bass Rolls : 

These Spinach wrapped rolls originating from China , served in a black black bean sauce and a yellow bean sauce did not just look beautiful but also were one of the highlights from the menu. The Three Mushroom Rolls definitely stole the show with the Shiitake Mushrooms and sauce combination.

Price :

3. Spicy steamed Chicken Wontons : 


Shizusan completely proves you wrong when it comes to making assumptions about bland ingredients in Asian food. With the right balance of ingredients , a rightly steamed wonton served with an equally delicious broth is something that can give you an instant feeling of happiness. Served in a Miso broth with Wakame or seaweed , this dish can make anyone and everyone happy. Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning produced by fermenting soybeans.

4. Steamed Pumpkin and Peanut Moneybags and Steamed Lobster and Prawns Moneybags 

Perfectly steamed with a beautiful and fresh wrappers, traditionally symbolizing wealth and prosperity these Thai Dim sums was another star dish from the menu. The overall presentation as well as the overall flavors of these dim sums are bang on ! Highly recommended in both the vegetarian and the non vegetarian option.

5. Steamed Asparagus and Corn Dumplings : IMG_3214.JPG

Malaysian food has had its resemblance to the South Indian style since always due to its coconut usage . The yellow coconut curry definitely raises the flavors of this dish giving it a very comforting touch to it.

6. Fried Peking Duck Spring Rolls and Lotus Root Lace Dumplings


The Lotus Root lace dumplings from Indonesia with a Broccoli and Sambal combination is something that you can try when you are looking for a healthier option.As pretty as it looks this dish definitely can add up to your health benefits.

The Fried Peking Duck Spring Rolls has freshness with its fresh vegetable stuffing with duck. Recommended to those who are willing to experiment with their meat options .

7. Adobo Pork Belly Buns and Miso Aubergine and Mushroom Buns  : 


White soft sweestish Buns just like baos stuffed with fillings can be definitely be enjoyed by those who love Baos. The vegetarian option is a Japanese filling of Miso and mushrooms and the non vegetarian option is a Philippino styled Bao.


Drinks :

On the Beach : A combination of  Watermelon, ginger and lemongrass, Thai Thai : Orange juice and chunks of lime , The General : Mango , litchi juice , lemonade and granadine. These refreshing mootails (served in milk bottles) make for the perfect combination with the ingredients of  Asian food. Priced at : ₹195/- each 



Dessert :

No meal is complete without a dessert and what better than a chocolate dessert. The Classic Mudpie is soft and crunchy with textures and is as sinful as it can get.  Price : ₹255/- 



A good 4 pieces portion for each dim sum and a pricing of ₹295/- for vegetarian dim sums and ₹325/- for the non vegetarian ones, this menu is definitely a must try for everyone. A well conceptualized restaurant , this has already won the “Best Asian Restaurant ” at the Times Food and Nightlife Awards 2017. The chef has surely hit the right notes with the Dim sums and we do hope to give a try to the rest of the menu in the future. One visit surely does no justice to this restaurant .

Thank you Shivangi and Sonika for being so accommodating with our timings and for this wonderful experience !


***Non Vegetarian 



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