Dinshaws Express Cafe – Expect the unexpected !

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Dinshaw’s Ice cream has been a part of our lives since childhood. My parents being from Nagpur denied having ice cream from any other brand for the longest of time. Hence, when it comes to Dinshaw’s all you can think about is icecream and sundaes. When Maneesh (Go Pune) asked me to accompany him for the invite he received for the tasting at Dinshaw’s  Express cafe, I expected it to be a normal finger food with ice cream tasting . But Dinshaw’s , as the name suggests was started by a Parsi entrepreneur and what better than taking the Parsi cuisine further with their own cafes. Though, this cafe also offers pizzas, sandwiches and burgers, the Parsi food just cant be missed!

Ambiance  : Located on the North Main Road at Koregaon Park, this cafe has one of the best locations and has an advantage of being a pocket friendly place in the vicinity. With an outdoor and indoor seating , the decor is simple but comfortable enough for you to spend hours in alone or with a group of friends or family.

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  1. Cheesy Garlic Bread : IMG_3488

As a kid , home made Cheesy Garlic Bread has always been a part of evening snacks. The right amount of cheese in this dish, is enough to take you back into your childhood where you did not worry too much about the amount of cheese. If you are on a diet , cheat for a day and try this cheesy garlic bread.

PRICE : ₹120/- 



Do not judge this dish based on its look because the first bite of this well cooked chicken dish had me sold . The flavors of caramelized onion with a properly fried chicken was so soft and delicious! Definitely a must try !                                         #LazyPandarecommends 

3. Chicken Dhansak : 


Dhansak is the most popular Parsi dish , usually served in mutton but the chicken variant is the right addition for this cafe. The dish was perfectly cooked and served with rice and gives you the feeling of a comfort dish !




Keema Pao is one of the most satiating Parsi dishes, like the misal pav is for the Maharashtrians , the keema pao fulfills the same hunger pangs for the Parsis but this dish is slowly catching up and is very popular amongst the Punekars too. Punekars now have a new place to try the Keema Pao and be satisfied with this dish topped with a half fried egg called Ghotala.

PRICE : 249/- 


Churros could go highly wrong if done towards the extreme sweeter side and if not paired up with the right toppings. The Dinshaw’s vanilla ice cream , fudge topping and gems make for a perfect sundae for those looking for an ice cream sundae but not on the sweeter side. PRICE : 210/-


After trying out so many dishes for the day, we were not sure if we could go through with the freakshake but decided to give it a try anyway because it looked really appealing and obviously because who says no to a freakshake? Extremely generous with the brownie and the ice cream , the freakshake was surely enjoyed by all of us . Though I am not a freakshake fan, the response on instagram for this post was overwhelming and hence I would recommend this to everyone as it is just priced at ₹250/- and can easily be shared between two or more.

Dinshaw’s Express cafe has come up with some really good food to offer and I would recommend everyone to try this place without forming preconceived opinions based on the name. This experience at Dinshaw’s Express Cafe was an amazing one, organized by ISHITA BHOJWANI also a big thank you to Maneesh for calling me.


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