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Papacream has always been well spoken about by the Bombay-ites! Especially when you are a crazy foodie, you keep getting advice about places to eat at wherever you go and Papacream has been recommended since quite sometime! When we heard that its finally coming to Pune, we couldn’t be more happier because of all the good things we had already heard! Summers are here, and Papacream couldn’t find a better time to launch its first store in Pune! This place finally opened its door on April 1 and we were invited by Carpe Diem for a tasting at a blogger’s meet!

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LOCATION AND AMBIANCE :  Located at Dhole Patil Road, Opposite Kapila Business Hotel, this area has another new place to boast about! Pastel colors, a neat decor , tiny yet extremely cute, Papacream is indeed very inviting at a first glance. Unicycle seating arrangment.

MENU : Pune has a lot of icecream places coming up and with a competition so crazy, Papacream does not fail to please us with its concept and is definitely here to stay! A variety of icecreams, milkshakes, sorbets and waffles, this place is purely vegetarian and sticks to using natural ingredients. Using nitrogen to make ice cream, we were intrigued by the sound of the variety of gourmet ice creams they had in store for us.

  1. Pani puri sorbet- 
    Pani Puri for most of us is much more than just a chaat. Hence, utmost care had to be taken while revamping it.And who could have possibly thought of clubbing it with a sorbet. This dynamic sorbet served with potato mousse in mini baskets was absolutely delightful and left us asking for more.
    #recommended FEVC5393.jpeg
  2. Ferrero crunch
    What happens when your favourite chocolate takes the form of an ice cream?
    Well, most definitely ,Ferrero crunch. Crunchy and chocolaty, Only one word can describe this-DELICIOUS!
    Price-180/- (single scoop)


  3. The jumbo doughwich
    Papacream is doing a great job when it comes giving the conventional products a whole new dimension and the jumbo doughwich proves exactly that. Topped with Belgian chocolate ice cream and chunks of Oreo the doughnut is dipped in caramel and chocolate sauce. Chocoholics are in for a treat with this jumbo doughwich.


  4.  Red velvet cupcake
    Loaded with Philly cream cheese ice cream and topped with cream cheese frosting swirl, the best part about this cupcake was the fact that it screams of freshness.
    Price-150/- (single scoop) IMG_4055.JPG
  5. Hummus ice cream                                                                                                                 All of us have generally enjoyed hummus as a dip served with various sorts of breads, but a hummus icecream, is unheard of! Papacream maintains a freshness in its ingredients and this one was absolutely delightful with its Mediterranean spices and served with sesame lavash.  PRICE : 265/- IMG_4056.JPG
  6. Sitafal icecream
    Known as a classic in papacream, this dish didn’t quite live up to our expectations with its lack of flavours and the description in the menu.
    Price-70/- (single scoop)IMG_4063.JPG
    Salted caramel popcorn
    With homemade salted caramel icecream and cold caramel sauce dipped popcorn, the tanginess of the icecream didn’t go very well with us.We loved the popcorn though.
    Price-150/-(single scoop)SRMV0897.jpg
    Belgian chocolate sundae
    This sundae has a extremely fresh waffle base with Belgian icecream accompanied by chocochip and whipped cream.With a hint of hot fudge caramel, we are absolutely drooling over this Belgian chocolate icecream dominated sundae.
    Price -265/-
  7.  Blueberry Milkshake : Giving you the summer feels with its berry flavors, and a tangy blueberry tart for a topping along with Oreo crumbs, this had me weak in my knees.   PRICE : 195/- KIQJ2022.jpg
  8. Belgian chocolate milkshake :                                                                                                   An interesting take on the regular cornflakes dipped in Belgian Chocolate, oozing with whipped cream and delicious belgian chocolate. The cornflakes add a great crunch to the chocolate milshake and keeps it interesting till your last sip.    PRICE : 195/- IMG_4069.JPG
  9. Kolkata meetha paan
    With flavours of paan bursting along with Gulkhand, this icecream was a big hit and we absolutely loved the combination. Bits of the paan stuffing reminding you very well of an actual one works really well as a palate cleanser IMG_4065.JPG

Papacream has some revolutionary ice creams to offer in both savory and sweet! Well curated and amusing on the palate you could even end up having a 3- course ice cream meal here! Looking forward to more outlets from the brand in the city, we would love to recommend this place to all our readers looking for an unconventional ice cream parlor. We would like to thank Carpe Diem for inviting us and giving us a wonderful beginning for the month of April !


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  1. vinitankam says:

    The cost is really reasonable & I’m loving it …I’ll visit soon😇

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  2. Manisha Sharma says:

    Amazing ! It’s beckoning me for a visit now 😛

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