Raasta Cafe, NIBM – The third Raasta home!

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Raasta cafe has recently made its way to NIBM after two successful experiments at Camp and Baner. Located on the 4th floor of Dorabjee mall, this place is an instant hit  in the list of rooftops. After Sannaya from Carpe diem invited us to try this place and having tried the earlier Raasta Cafes already , we were really inquisitive to know if this place could live upto its expectations.

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To our surprise, Raasta has been setting new standards every time it opens a new franchise. This cafe is only bigger and has more interesting decor than the earlier ones.With breezy vibes and ferry lights, you’re definitely going to have a good time here.
The most appealing thing about this place is the way everything is placed. As soon as you enter you see a brilliant caricatured wall with a sofa standing elegantly there.As you proceed, the whole passage has really cute tables nearing its corners to the railings making a perfect spot of for a dinner date. One corner has a very exciting brick oven pizza space whereas the center is has a neat bar adorned with chairs all around it.
This Raasta doesn’t have sheesha as the owners wanted people to thoroughly focus and enjoy the food here.And trust me, they know their job well. This cafe has a tremendous variety when it comes to food as well as drinks. With options like pizzas,sandwiches, nanzzas ,salads,soups, fondue as well as appetizers and rice to choose from, this place leaves you drooling over multiple things.After a strenuous  discussion over what to order and Sannayaa’s recommendation we ordered a few things:
1)5 spice chicken wings– Brilliantly cooked and perfectly spiced, this dish is extremely tempting and simply delicious.
2)Tempura fried prawns– Again a dish which impressed us with an amazing yet subtle flavour. Served with Wasabi mayo and Malt vinegar, the combination is pretty good.
3)Barbeque samosas–  Mini Samosas tossed with barbecue sauce,this offbeat combination does justice to this dish and will surely be a hit amongst the vegetarians.
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4)Paneer tikka nanzza– Thin and crispy base with really soft paneer ,this definitely  qualifies for a decent dish.
5)Kheema Pao–  This dish has been seen catching up in a lot of restaurant menus recently. Kheema Pao at raasta is served packed in a dabba, it has right amount of spice and tanginess and is sheer happiness in your mouth.
6)Chicken fondue – Disclaimer: Order this dish at last or you won’t go back to what you were having before. Undoubtedly the best dish of the place, you will go crazy eating it.
Coupled with small pieces of roti ,the chicken fondue is similar to the butter chicken and a total winner. There are various other options in the menu for fondues that include the pav bhaji fondue as well.
We had a few mock tails and cocktails to go with our dinner as well
1)Jungle gypsy– This drink is a combination of passion fruit and pineapple chunks usually served with vodka.We tried the mocktail version of it which was equally wonderful and refreshing.
2)Chocolatini– Its a cocktail comprising of bailey’s vodka which hits you instantly and icecream to top it.A well done fusion, it was a sure hit.
3)Reggalicious mojito– A watermelon based cocktail , this mojito certainly goes well with basil leaves and white rum.
4)Orange Sin–   A combination of Cinnamon , Orange , Lime and Sugar topped with a choice of beer, this drink is surely something you can enjoy on a summer afternoon.
How can a meal ever be complete without a dessert. Inspite of our stomach bursting we decided to try the dessert of the day which was a very yummy chocolate tart  our all time favorite blueberry cheesecake. Both the desserts were amazing with just the right consistency and sweetness and ended our dinner on a perfect note.
One should go here with a big group of friends to try the numerous things they have to offer. This place makes up for a great hangout spot for all the denizens in the vicinity. With some  delectable food and equally pleasing drinks, Raasta cafe is the next place where you need to be.

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  1. Aditi says:

    Nice review! Thanks to you I have a new place to try tonight! 🙂

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