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After enjoying a high rating in Bombay and a great success in Oshiwara, one of the most posh areas of Bombay , Icekraft is now in Pune since a few months . Icekraft has created a buzz amongst the college students, with its freakshakes, coldpan icecreams, pancakes, waffles, salads and fries. The entire concept is on customization of almost everything in the menu! With something to offer for everyone, and live counters to relish your food being made, icekraft believes in keeping its ingredients fresh and making everyone happy with their craftsmanship.


In one of the most bustling parts of Bibwewadi and with a lot of competition around, icekraft still makes a mark with their concept and is always found to be full of people at any time of the day. With very less space, the franchise has been able to utilize the space to its maximum with an underground, outer and inner seating area. Themed in blue and white, the decor is definitely charming. Gangadham, being a residential area that has a crowd that you will always find socializing downstairs, Icekraft has surely hit the right chords.

They have an underground area, where you can enjoy board games with your friends , or watch a match on the screen while your order is being prepared fresh.


Mohit,the franchise head, told us about the various experiments they try out in the kitchen. Being the first franchise , Icekraft has had the liberty to introduce their own flavours according to the demand. Playing with new flavors and creating exhilarating food is what makes Icekraft unique ! If you are a true food enthusiast , the little time that icekraft takes to prepare your food, will do no harm! We tried a variety of dishes from the menu that consists of a variety of Signature icecreams, Salads, Sandwiches, fries , steamed corn, waffles and pancakes.

  1. FRIES :          Chaat Style Hurricane is a potato swirl, which could be one of those oily dishes but icekraft makes sure that the oil content is not too much, the crisp is as per your liking and the extra tinch of cheese makes this perfect.    PRICE : 79/-                          Zucchini fries give you the chatpata taste as soon as you have the first bite ! With experimentation in fries being a trend in the town lately, Zucchini fries are a hit and recommended for everyone!         PRICE : 89/-                                                         Oreo Red velvet fries served with whipped cream, is a sweet fries dish giving you a warm fuzzy feeling with its comforting ingredients of oreo coated with red velvet.   PRICE : 99/-
  2. WAFFLES :   Black charcoal icecream is the new summer trendsetter and what better than a charcoal icecream topping over a charcoal base waffle ! This beautifully textured flavor, could actually be a detoxifying one with its health benefits and is made from activated charcoal! Who needs rainbows when you have is a delicious black icecream !                                PRICE : 343/-                                                                     Banana bread waffle is  beautifully baked with banana stuffing and butterscotch toppings with a Banoffie Pie Ice Cream and will make your taste buds go bananas!  Banana waffles make you nostalgic and crave for a relaxed sunday brunch ! This one definitely stole the thunder and  is #highlyrecommended            PRICE : 343/-
  3. ICECREAM:IMG_4903.JPG The absolute berry is one of those revitalizing icecreams ,with a strong fusion of blueberry, strawberry and topped with kiwi ! A fresh berry icecream is exactly the kind of mood lifter you need on an off day. Not just kids but almost everyone can try this flavour and enjoy its freshness.          PRICE : 154/-
  4. FREAKSHAKES : Freakshakes are the new evolved versions of milkshakes, full of ingredients from a candy store!

    Tiramisu Freakshake is a combination of coffee, oreo, cookies, nutella , butterscotch, red velvet waffle and caramel topped with a chocolate stick ! Served in the just right size nutella container, this shake  is perfect for two people.So, all the coffee lovers , put your shoes on and go try this mind boggling freakshake at Icekraft which is definitely one of the best in town .     #highlyrecommended               Absolute Chocolate Freakshake is a chocolate fudge topped with brownies , redvelvet waffle , chocolatechips, oreo and nutella. One can never have enough of chocolate and this one is an absolute treat for the chocoholics!         PRICE : 154/-

  5. Creamy jalapenos corn-With the right amount of cream and jalapeno sauce,this dish does proper justice to its name.  PRICE-89/-IMG_4886.JPG                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Icekraft, will soon be opening its doors to a few more areas in a few days and we are glad to recommend this to our friends, looking for a pocket friendly place to enjoy your summers and beat the heat! This tasting wasnt the first and last time we have visited Icekraft, almost every visit has made us happy ! We left Icekraft undoubtedly wanting for more. Thank you Mohit Punmiya for calling us and Arpita Jain for being such a wonderful host.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ronic Nagamalla says:

    Planning for IceKraft franchise in Hyd. How to get in contact with the head.


    1. lazypanda says:

      There’s already an Icekraft franchise in Banjara Hills,Hyderabad.Try talking to the head there! Might help you!:)


  2. srikar jaji says:

    Is there any possible to start one more outlet in Hyderabad ?I would like to take franchise…


    1. lazypanda says:

      You could get in touch with someone at the Icekraft Oshiwara. The owners operate at that outlet. Monil Shah is one of the co owners.


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