Falafel lovers – Breaking age old notions!

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The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Italian food is pizza or Mexican food makes me instantly think of nachos. Similarly , Lebanese food reminds us of chicken shawarma. 
As Lebanese is the cuisine from the middle eastern countries, poultry and sea food is consumed on a huge scale.
And falafel lovers is here to exactly break that trend. 
With the concept of introducing ample variety of vegetarian Lebanese food, falafel lovers is a start up by Tapan Jain and Nupur Jain who firmly believe in serving some healthy and vegetarian food to all its customers.
The main agenda is to provide food with loads of vegetables, whole grains and fresh fruits without compromising on the taste quotient. 
Ambiance – Tucked up in Viman nagar, this dainty restaurant is certainly winning hearts.The outer seating area has huge trees twirled up in fairy lights and has a very nature friendly cafe-kinda aura.
The inner area has an array of portraits with some quirky quotes. With  drums used as tables and almost every table looking different , this place has a very artsy appeal.

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Keeping the traditional Lebanese cuisine intact, Falafel lovers also has tried a few revamped versions of the usual pita bread. They’ve also introduced pastas and pizzas making way for Italian cuisine as well. Dips are a very essential part of the Lebanese cuisine and with a variety of dips right from hummus to BabaGanush, they’ve certainly done justice in this section.
 Food experience:
1) Stuffed Falafel bites -These were small chic pea batter patties .Crispy and not too oily ,these were stuffed with onions and jalapeños. I love the way they tasted with hummus.
2)Garlic pita with hummus – This dish consisted of pita bread with generous amount of herbs. They kept it simple and served it with hummus.
3)Falafel – The one thing where falafel lovers can’t go wrong is their falafel. They have a sufficient  variety of falafel depending upon the dips you prefer. We were served with Arabic and Madrid falafel which had some well cooked falafels and cucumber pickle, tomatoes, roasted eggplant and cheese or spicy yogurt.
I liked the Arabic one better probably because of the yogurt. It was a task to eat them especially the way they were served but they’re worth a try.
4)Spaino Colli pita melt – As this place serves Lebanese and Italian cuisine , it’s no surprise that they made a fusion of both and came up with this dish. With pita bread as the pizza base and broccoli,tomatoes and cheese as toppings , Spaino colli worked well with my taste buds.
5)Hot pita pocket – Hot pita pockets were stuffed with vegetables and cheese. This dish was very average and can be avoided.
6)Tabbouleh – Tabbouleh is a laventine dish traditionally made up of tomatoes,parsley,mint seasoned with lemon juice,olive oil and salt. The base of this tabbouleh was pomegranate, topped with lemon, this dish was certainly very innovative to try!
7) Manakish– Another Levantine (belonging to eastern Mediterranean regions ) preparation, this dish consists of flattening the dough into a sheet and adding toppings to it later. Cheese and ground meat are the signature ingredients .Manakish at falafel lovers had a thin and Crispy base with onions and paneer.                 #recommended
8) Lebanese rice– Simple and comforting rice with tangy flavours, this dish lacked a complimenting dip.But with a good sauce around, it will certainly qualify for a soothing dish.
Coming to mocktails next, they didn’t match up to the standard set by the food.(Probably cause their assigned mixologist wasn’t available.)
We were served with four different moctkails.
1)Coconut Cream-This one was definitely my favourite.Pineapple juice along with coconut milk, I enjoyed sipping on to this one throughout my meal.
2)Lemon Sunrise-A decent combination of parsley with lemon turned out to be an average drink.
3)Cranberry fizz-This one had cranberry juice served along with lemon. You can do wonders with this combination and they can certainly do a better job here.
4)Sunrise crush-Orange juice coupled with pineapple came as a rather pleasant version of sunrise crush.
A meal is never complete without a good dessert. Falafel lovers needs a little more working on this category as this section served only “baklawa” and “sizzling chocolate brownie”. With baklawa not being available, we went with the sizzling brownie which was very mediocre.
Falafel lovers is doing a great job when it comes to their food and prices. With a little work here and there, it can surely be a people’s favourite stop for shawarmas.

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