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When we moved to Pune a few years back, Mocha was the most popular coffee house in Koregaon Park especially among students in the area. When there was a replacement for the same, people still referred to it as the place where Mocha used to be first situated. Even though Mocha was away for a few years , it did not seem to leave the hearts of the Punekars ! So when they finally decided to open its doors on 5th May, we were lucky enough to be the first customers, and obviously overwhelmed to see the number of messages we received about the opening of this cafe in Lane 7, Koregaon Park.

Mocha boasts to be the country’s first indigenous and eclectic cafe chain and surely has been the first to create a coffee culture place over the years.


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Rustic yet uber with a hint of modern interiors combined with the vintage iron ceiling and a cargo entrance door. One may not figure out from outside of what this place has in store for us. Wooden interiors combined with hints of green and white colors along with marbled textured tables were our favourite part of this place and left us in awe on our first impression. The outdoor seating has a comfortable space with cane furniture including swings and creates the perfect atmosphere for a nice date with your friend.

MENU :  

The menu is designed with various options in starters, mains ,sizzlers, desserts, milkshakes, smoothies, freakshakes and an all day breakfast menu. The pricing is affordable and the food we had was delicious.


    Jalapeno hush puppies, a deep fried jalapeno dish filled with cream cheese served with a salad and ketchup is a cheese lover’s delight.  PRICE : 225/-                      Honey chilli lotus stem with fries were nicely crispy  and had the right amount of honey chilli flavor to it, especially the lotus stem was delicious and made for a light starter on a summer afternoon. PRICE : 225/-                                                                         Bhut Jolokia Chilli Rarebit is the mocha version of cheese chilli toast with a naga chilli topping with a oozing amount of mozzarella and cheddar. PRICE : 225/-             Chicken Salt and pepper is a light on flavors dish prepared in a pepper sauce and served with a salad , the tender chicken pieces are sufficient in portion and satisfy the chicken lover’s cravings.   PRICE : 250/-                                                                            BOMBAY BHEL VERSION 2.0 When it comes to bhel , all we can think of a cycle wala serving you a bhel by combining various ingredients hanging from the cycle, the presentation is on point with a smaller version of the same. If you are looking for a healthy and delicious option at mocha then this can be given a serious consideration. PRICE : 150/- 

  2. MAINS :                                                                                                                                            IMG_5308IMG_5312IMG_5313IMG_5326 BMT PANINIA multigrain sandwich stuffed with mozzarella, sliced tomatoes ,  basil , olive oil and balsamic vinegar served with a salsa dip and fries makes for a sufficient portion for two.   PRICE : 200/-                                                                                Burmese Khao Suey : A khao suey is perfect when the coconut flavour is not too much on the higher side, this one definitely did justice to the same and had flavours beautifully blended with the other ingredients like caramelized onions and peanuts. Though the fried noodles served with the same were insufficient but the curry was enough to serve two. PRICE : 225/-                                                                       Herbed Marinated Grilled Chicken had the most beautiful mushroom sauce served with the dish that uplifted the overall flavors and made us forget the under cooked chicken. Served with veggies and mashed potatoes this is highly recommended if the chicken is rectified.  PRICE : 325/-                                                     Three Cheese Margherita a classic margherita thin crust pizza topped with 3 layers of cheese and basil, this was recommended to us and was an instant favorite #recommended    PRICE : 275/- 

    Rasmalai Cheesecake was the “shaadi dish” in our opinion reminding us of the authentic rasmalai that we have during festivities yet with a cheesecake touch with its biscuit base and an overpowering rasmalai which in my opinion made this dish even better. PRICE : 160/-     #highlyrecommended                                                             Chocolate Avalanche is the revamped version of the classic mocha avalanche and creates nostalgia of the good old mocha days. With a huge portion of icecream scoops and brownies this is a chocoholics bliss.     PRICE : 195/- 

  4. DRINKS :

    Being a hot summer afternoon , all we could think of is having coolers to pair up with our food . We ordered the Berry Blast , Pink Lemonade and the Lemon and Mint iced teas that were refreshing and instantly lifted up our spirits for this wonderful afternoon . Price : Berry Blast – 125/- Pink Lemonade – 95/-                           

Mocha is a place where you could have a wonderful time with your friends over food and drinks along with sheesha which is expected to be starting soon . Our overall experience at mocha was amazing and this is definitely hitting the right chords with its pricing, ambiance and food.


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