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They say when you want to satiate your stomach with good food, treat yourself to spices and leave your tastebuds longing for more, try North Indian food ! Punjab Grill at Phoenix Marketcity, Viman Nagar does an exceptional work by elevating this cuisine by giving you a fine culinary experience without hampering the flavours from the north and maintaining the beauty of these dishes ranging from sweet to spicy filled with the richness and abundance of butter.

AMBIANCE AND SERVICE  : Amidst the chaos of a shopping mall, Punjab grill manages to create a fine dining experience for you with an indoor and an outdoor seating arrangement. With artifacts from the ancient time and a modern interior, the place is perfect for family dinners or formal meetings. The outdoor seating arrangement can accommodate larger corporate bookings as well.                                                                            Extremely well organized in their service and attentive to their customers not just to us, but being a busy weekend for the restaurant, the management seemed to do a pretty good job.

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  1. STARTERS from the GRILL  :

    MURGH TIKKA PUNJABI GRILL : Maintaining the integrity of the dish, the murgh tikka punjabi grill was the authentic ever so loved preparation with the chicken aptly cooked and delicious with its flavors .  PRICE : 555/-                                                 CHAAMP TAAJDAARTender lamb chops prepared in a beautiful flavor of kasoori methi, cloves and cardamom, an absolute delight !  PRICE : 745/-   #recommended     BHARWAAN KHUMB PESHAWARI Who said that vegetarians could enjoy only paneer when they went out for dinner, this stuffed mushroom is full of fiery spices and the large mushrooms make for a scrumptious starter. PRICE: 455/-              DAHI KE KEBAB These fried kebabs with Curd combined with various ingredients is mild on the palate and is recommended for those who are not into spicy food. PRICE : 455/-                                                                                                                                  PANEER TIKKA MULTANI One cannot possibly miss these soft chunks of paneer in a multani preparation , vegetarians are sure to be left drooling.  PRICE : 475/-     #recommended                                                                                                              SALMON TIKKA Salmon cooked in the Punjabi style in sharp mustard oil is brilliantly grilled, this variation from our usual fish and chips that we try was healthy and interesting.  PRICE : 995/-

  2. MAINS :  IMG_5366.PNGIMG_5368.JPG Murgh MakhanwalaTandoor grilled chicken in a buttery tomato gravy served in a portion enough for 4-5 , this was close enough to give you the dilli wala feeling of having a butter chicken with parathas on a winter evening.  PRICE : 525/-                   Meat Punjab Grill : Slow cooked lamb that nearly melts in your mouth, cooked to utter perfection this was definitely a hit from the evening in the mains. #recommended PRICE : 595/-                                                                                                    Dal Punjab Grill : gives you nostalgia of food from the punjab. Dal makhani is the most comforting punjabi dish there is and Punjab Grill is bang on with their version of the same. PRICE: 525/-                                                                                                             CHICKEN BIRYANIServed in a pot covered with a layer of atta, in a traditional dum biryani form, this aromatic biryani reminds me of something that you gorge on at the legendary biryani places in Delhi.  PRICE : 655/-

    Punjabi food is generally loaded with so many rich ingredients and dairy products, so are the desserts ! Giving us the shahi feel the Chocolate Gulab Jamun and the Litchi ki Tehri had our excitement up. The chocolate infused in the humungous sized gulab jamun was overpowered by the taste of  gulab jamun which was delectable! Litchi ki tehri did not do much for me on the palate as the combination of sultanas with litchi did not work well for us.    PRICE : 235/- each

  4. DRINKS : IMG_5334.JPG Punjab Grill has a summer menu for drinks , but having a hectic day I chose to go with the Rola Cola that managed in calming the nerves and giving a refreshing kickstart for this tasting.

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