Coco – Sushi & Bar : A glitzy Affair!

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Painted in black , sprinkled with a tingle of gold , sparkly lights , Coco is the new “bee” in town! Located on the 12th floor, Onyx , Mundhwa with a breathtaking view of the city and a luxurious experience in store . Coco has been the buzz of the town and our tasting is based on an invite from Svetlana Savant from Carpe Diem. 

Concept : 

The team of Coco has taken the color black to a next level by proving that it could be more than just a color! A members only club with an exclusive crowd, makes this place unique. The membership is based on recommendation and a member can further recommend their family/friends for the dining and the night club experience. This is definitely bringing back the night life culture to Pune with its refined crowd, fancy food and a hip bar !

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Food : (Five Course Meal )

  1. Sushi Rolls  (Course 1 )  :Ebi Sushi Rolls : Sushi Rolls with tanuki shrimps in sesame was a beautifully plated dish with great flavours! The sauces accompanying made for a great combination and this sushi is definitely #recommended    PRICE : 350/-                                                Spiced Avacado Sushi RollsAll the Avacado lovers, here is a dish that you cant resist ! Tender Avacado paired with Sriracha this is a simple yet satisfying combination.  PRICE : 300/-                                                                                                         
  2. Soups (Course 2) :


    Burmese style Khowsuey soup 
    Cooked in coconut milk, this soup has some brilliant flavours. Served with Khowsuey (rice noodles) and a slice of lemon, this is an extremely soothing and comforting soup.   PRICE : 150/-             #recommended                                               
  3. Salads (Course 2 ) :
    Crackling rice and chicken salad
    Crackling rice basically means deep fried rice and is naturally very crispy.This rice along with cubes of shredded chicken is flavoured  with vinegar and mint and is a delight to eat.   PRICE
    Wakami salad– Wakami is a generally a seaweed mostly served in the form of salad complimented with cellaphone noodles,also known as glass or crystal noodles.
    This one has a subtle sweet flavour which is topped with lemon ,sea salt and wasabi powder.   PRICE : 210/-
  4. Dumplings (Course 3) :img_5693Chicken Shiitake DumplingsPerfectly steamed in a fresh wrapper , the Chicken and Shiitake stuffed dumplings are bang on with their flavours ! The star dish of the evening, this definitely made us feel satiated.   #highlyrecommended    PRICE : 270/-                           
  5. SMALL BITES  (Course 4) : 
    img_5707Crispy lotus stem-Lotus stem is widely used in Asian cuisine, especially Chinese and Japanese food.As the name suggests , the lotus stem was crispy ,tossed with honey and chilly and we totally loved it. PRICE :190/- img_5719
    Dynamite shrimps -Spicy deep fried shrimps went really well with sriracha sauce.With a magnificent plating , this dish certainly draws everyone’s attention. PRICE : 360/-   img_5703

    Chicken Wrapped in Banana Leaves : A classic dish gai hor bai toey served with aromatic leaves of a perennial grass, wrapped around chunks of coconut-milk-marinated chicken and steamed . Delicious and very similar to the taste of Khowsuey soup. PRICE : 280/-     img_5710 Tengra Roast ChickenThe authentic version of the Chicken Chilli , this roasted chicken dish was spicy and delicious ! PRICE : 280/- img_2278 Roast DuckTraditional Chinese Pot roasted duck , served with Lemongrass Ponzu, a citrus based soy sauce from Japan . The sauce pairs up well with the roasted duck and adds a nice fresh flavor to it ! PRICE : 450/-                                           


    Lemongrass pineapple sorbet-160/-
    Tender coconut mousse-160/-
    Smoked chocolate mousse cake-180/-
    Honey pannacotta-180/-
    Wasabi icecream -180/-
    All the desserts were a treat to our eyes but lacked the X factor tastewise!
    Chocolate mousse and honey pannacotta were delicious and can be given a try to add that finishing touch to your meal.

    DRINKS : 

    We had the classic virgin mojito, caprioska and a pineapple based mocktail.
    All the drinks were decent and refreshing
    Coco has surely left an impression on us with its swankiness, affordable rates and made us look forward to all good times to spend with our friends. 

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