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NIBM has several new places and food trucks coming up! Jovos was one of the first of its much needed kind with its chic interiors , groovy music and an exceptional service. Ishaan Dixit and Radhika Dixit have paid extra attention to make every aspect of this place give a smile to their customers. Having stayed close to the area for quite some time and Jovos being one of the places to go to in our list, we were delighted to have an invitation extended by Surya Sharma (foodiepreneur).

AMBIANCE : A lounge with several corners to keep you busy when you are at jovos , the place is divided into two sections , the upper section could be utilized for private parties or by a group of friends and the lower section has a huge dining space with a perky bar. Jovos opens at 12 am and is located at Biz Bay Mall, NIBM with ample of space for parking. Appropriately designed for youngsters to hangout at with live gigs being organised from time to time and obviously good food , great bar and affordable rates.


The entire event was conducted to review the new food menu. It is necessary for restaurants to keep introducing new dishes to their menu to keep their customers always excited about their visits. We tried a variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes accompanied with some brilliant drinks from the bar.

  1. Urban CigarsIMG_4975.JPG

Cheese lovers, this dish is meant for you ! These Urban cigars are filled with sumptuous amount of cheese and served with the Kolhapuri mayo . One cant think of your diet while binging on this one.    #recommended    PRICE : 190/- 

2. Malai Tikka Souvlaki : 


Chicken Souvlaki features the fresh-tasting combination of lemon juice, garlic, and olive oil that is so prevalent in Greek cuisine. Served alongside Greek salad of chunked tomatoes, red onion, and feta cheese. Tzatziki is a traditional Greek yogurt-based sauce. Jovos fusion of greek with indian works well with its Indian flavours added to the meat , served with a Greek yogurt and plated on the Indian roti. Price : 250/- 

3. Vladamir PoutineIMG_4991.JPG

A Canadian origin dish, containing fries , Spicy Chicken in brown sauce and baked in Cheese. This dish is delicious and the fries combination with Chicken worked well for us, with bang on flavours. This version of Fries is definitely a hit ! #recommended       PRICE  : 220/- 

4. Cheat Meal Chaat : IMG_5001.JPG

Our highlight from the overall menu was this Cheat Meal Chaat ! Air Fried tiny Samosas served in shot glasses dipped in hummus and onion chutney with an imli chutney to inject in ! With an interesting presentation, perfect blend of ingredients from two different origins, this dish lifts up the Indian Street food to a higher level !   #HIGHLYRECOMMENDED    PRICE : 180/- 

5. Fish Satay GrillIMG_5004.JPG

Grilled Telapia Fish with some Jhatka Peanut Sauce , this is spicy  , great on the palate and a sumptuous quantity of fish at a great pricing! This will make for a great pairing with your drinks from the bar.   PRICE : 270/- 

6. Cheese Roasted Chicken with Chilli Naan IMG_5010.JPG

A lookalike with Hummus and pita bread, but an Italian touch with its alfredo sauce chicken and served with a Chilli naan. This dish is exemplary with its flavours, textures and one could dig in for one more bite after every bite.  PRICE : 250/- 

7. Paneer Wok IMG_5012.JPG

Jovos has a mix of dishes , with a little from North India, Continental, Asian and Finger food. In the Kung Fu Panda Wok at Jovos, the Chindian Paneer Wok does justice to indo-chinese blend of flavors and the Paneer is soft and makes for a great pairing . PRICE : 200/-   

8. Mumbai Keema Lasagna served with Garlic ToastIMG_5016.JPG

The exceptionally made Keema did not really make for an appealing pair with the lasagna. The Keema was right on point but the lasagna was a little bit of a put off.     PRICE : 300/- 


Jovos has a great bar, with a huge menu in offer for cocktails and mocktails, Ishaan Dixit knows exactly what he is serving and is doing it on point ! Vampire’Blood and Brahma Gets its wings were some of the favorites from the Cocktails and the Watermelon mojito was an absolute refreshing affair ! 

When you get to dine with a bunch of foodies, the experience is much more better when you are able to get so many inputs and the conversation is more of a learning experience.  A meet like this is even more better when it consists of good food , good music and a smile on everyone’s face! Jovos is definitely a place you could chill with your friends or catch up on a live match or just go and listen to good music at! Definitely your neighbourhood gastropub at affordable rates !


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