Shakahari, JW Marriott Pune- A Royal Indian Experience

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JW Marriott Pune has always been popular for its luxurious property , great hospitality and restaurants with exceptional culinary experiences. Shakahari, formerly known for its Pan Asian vegetarian food has now been revamped to give you a Royal Indian Experience with its well curated menu from different regions of India that once had royal monarchy.  A unique experience not just for vegetarians but also makes sure that the non vegetarians do not miss the non vegetarian delicacies !

The experience at Shakahari was truly a Royal one with a beautifully laid table with fine culinary that included traditional Silver thalis. Vineet Mishra, General Manager at JW Marriott Pune threw light upon the efforts taken by the team and especially by Maharaj Jai Kishen who is experienced with the flavors and has poured his heart into curating each and every dish.



Keeping the essence of vegetarian food, Shakahari offers Indian dishes from various princely provinces. The food served to us included Rajasthani and North Indian dishes followed by Indian sweets.

On settling down and after having our hands washed at our seats, we were served with a variety of starters with a variety of chutneys and pickles paired up with a glass of wine from Fratelli.

Starters and Salads : 

  1. Dahi Wada
  2. Palak Patta Chaat
  3. Rajma Lasooni Salad
  4. Palak Chawli Tikki
  5. Beetroot Tikki
  6. Besan Chilla
  7. Amritsari Paneer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    These Starters and Salads paired up with Mint, Peanut, Plum and Mango Pickle were delicious ! With nothing to complain about, the Rajma Lasooni Salad and the Beetroot Tikki was my favorite pick , extremely delicious and healthy.




  1. Ker Sanger ke Kofta
    Rajasthani Ker, bamnera beans dumplings cooked in fresh tomato gravy was beautifully done, this dish is hardly to be found if you go out to eat and chefs of Shakahari have made this possible of serving it here.
  2. Jodhpuri Gatta Curry
    Steamed gram flour dumpling, cooked in spicy tangy hung yogurt gravy, the gatta curry was spot on with its richness of gravy and a treat to the palate
  3. Subz Panchmel
    Mélange of selected vegetables tossed in dry spices flavoured with asafoetida
  4. Dal Batti Churma
    Rajasthan special-lentil preparation, baked of wheat flour dough, served with dal and grounded flour dessert, the dal batti is a Rajasthani favorite of many! This one was rich in flavors and definitely something to binge on
  5. Gatta ka Pulao
    Spiced Gram flour dumpling cooked on dum with basmati rice
  6. Breads
    Multigrain Phulka, Palak Poori, Ajwaini Poori

Northern Indian

  1. Dum Paneer Kasoori
    Homemade cottage cheese simmered in rich tomato gravy, delicately flavoured with fenugreek seeds, this dum paneer kasoori reminded you of the pahadi food and was like a time traveller with every bite.
  1. Subz Makhmali Kofta
    Vegetable marbles filled with dried plums, almonds simmered in a cardamom cashew gravy, the Koftas wer so delicious in both the Rajasthani and North Indian menu , that both these dishes were definitely the highlight for the day. 
  2. Pindi Choley
    Slow cooked chickpea preparation flavoured with whole Indian spices tempered with dried pomegranate seeds, smoked with desi ghee
  3. Dal Shakahari
    Overnight soaked black lentil, rajma, tempered with cumin, fresh garlic finished with white butter made for a great pairing with the Gucchi Pulao.
  4. Gucchi Pulao
    Long grain rice muddled with Himalayan morels, mushrooms from the north india,  flavoured with whole spices,  this pulao was beautifully cooked with the morels adding a wonderful texture to the same.
  5. Breads
    Stuffed kulcha, Roti, Naan, Laccha Paratha


When you have a sweet tooth and you see a room full of desserts, its like you have reached heaven ! We were just done with the amazing spread of our main course, when we were asked to head to this amazing room full of Indian desserts consisting of Mango Rabadi , Malai Kulfi, Vanilla Ice Cream, Kesar Pista Kulfi , Moong Dal Halwa, Gulab Jamun , Lychee Gulla, Kaju Pista Roll, Moti Chor Ladoo, Kadambari, Badambhog and Ghewar.  Every bite of these desserts were a bit of heaven in the mouth. The Ghewar was soft and melted in the mouth! A special mention to the Lychee Gulla , a well balanced sweet dish and the highlight from the desserts. 


An Indian meal is incomplete without the paan, especially when its served to you with so much Royalty!

Vineet Mishra stated “India is a land of immense geographical diversity, each comprising varied dialects, flavours, spices and regional cuisines that showcase culinary finesse. Food is at the genesis of everything we do at Marriott and we want to revive the culture of food in its most authentic Indian form and that is the philosophy at Shakahari- a royal dining experience, JW Marriott Pune. Keeping this focus, Maharaj Jai Kishen seamlessly blends tradition and flavour for each dish that is specially curated by him.”  

Shakahari has managed to create a Royal Indian Experience through its hospitality , its culinary experience and the warmth in the flavors of the food. The food transports you to the desserts of Rajasthan and to the mountains of North India, reminds you of festivals through its desserts and leaves you thinking of Lucknow with its Paan.  I would like to thank Dimple Saglani for inviting me for this wonderful experience that I would be gushing about for a while !



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