212 All day cafe and bar-The burger and shakes fiesta!!

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212 All day cafe and bar!This is the one place in Phoenix Market city where I’ve always liked visiting as the food there never disappoints. And this time was no different.

Want to know what’s new in here?Well the very beautifully curated burgers and some delectable shakes by Varun Gulati, the executive chef at Cafe 212!The vision behind this is to bring all the flavours of the world together to create a delicious burger.Also this burger is a whole meal in itself.

The whole idea revolves around the fact that the patty should be the hero of the burger and not be overpowered by huge buns. Every burger is well thought of as to which bun must go with the patty and almost every burger has different type of cheese which compliment it’s flavours.

Here’s how my food experience went.

1)Cottage cheese and oats:This was the very first burger we tried and it instantly won my heart.The patty was made of cottage cheese,caramelised onions and blue cheese. It was marinated with jerk sauce and topped with blue cheese which made it very flavourful.



2)The Mexican-All the best things from Mexican cuisine went into this one. The patty was made of beans and quinoa where as chipotle (a smoked hot chilli pepper) and pickled jalapeños gave it some powerful flavours. The heavenly Gouda cheese made it a complete dish.

3)Mac n cheese-Who doesn’t love mac n cheese?!! This burger was a feast in itself.In this , mac n cheese pasta was basically turned into a patty with multigrain bread to go along with it. Also,the cheddar cheese took the the burger to a whole new level.

4)Shroom burger- This one was the biggest surprise element for me which turned out to be my favourite one from the vegetarian ones. I never knew button mushrooms could taste so good.With Swiss cheese,red cabbage and barbecue sauce to add to it, this one was an absolute delight.


5)Pokemon burger- A basic and gorgeous looking vegetarian burger especially made for kids.Also, it has edible marker over it to make it more appealing.

6)Buttermilk chicken-A very simple burger marinated with buttermilk overnight and tossed with salt and pepper.This one was served with olives, cucumbers and feta cheese.
Price -375/-

7)Fish n chips-The good old fish n chips in the form of a burger and I couldn’t be happier.Basa fish served with tartar sauce and cheese, I totally loved it.


Price- 395/-

Meat lovers can also enjoy the lamb burger, Pulled pork and the tenderloin burger.

Cafe 212 has always been known for its milkshakes and they’ve just raised their bar higher by introducing four more killer milkshakes.

1)Liquid snickers-A combination of peanut butter, chocolate ice cream and hazelnut, this one was pretty good with the right consistency.


2)Let’s go bananas-

Banana has been my favourite fruit recently. And with this milkshake, I am loving it all the way more.Banana milkshake along with white chocolate and butterscotch ice cream. The caramel on the top made me go weak in my knees.



3)Hansel and gretel’s trail-The star of this milkshake are the Oreo cookies. With Horlicks and vanilla ice cream this one is simply yummy.Extra points for the gems in there.


4)After 8- The most offbeat and liked milkshake was this one.Chocolate ice cream mixed with mint syrup , this one was definitely my favourite.



All the burgers and shakes have been finalised after vigorous experimentation and a unique idea goes behind each one. A special mention to the wonderful potato wedges and the salads which went with every burger.Inspite of being sides, they were given equal concentration and cooked to excellence.

I would sincerely like to thank Shvetlana from Carpediem for this invite as I had a great time there relishing on some amazing burgers.


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