Pardon my French !

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France is about charm , good pastries and incredible food. Pardon my French is the newbie in town trying to serve you a little bit of Paris in a plate.

College students are always looking for affordable cafes to chill with friends and a cafe with good food and a good atmosphere always makes this time much better. Situated in the by lanes of SB road and not too far from Symbiosis College , Pardon my French is here to solve the problems of many who are trying to find affordable cafes with delicious food in the area.

Pardon my French is adjacent to Subway and the owners of the same have made optimum utilization of space and started this small cafe accommodating upto 20-25 customers. Well thought out interiors to make this space lively with its fairy lighting and Paris themed aesthetics make this place even more cuter!


  1. BEVERAGES : The menu consists of a variety of hot and cold beverages including tea, coffee, ice teas, smoothies, sundaes, mojitos and in-house icecreams. Being a hot summer afternoon we decided to give some cold beverages a try that included the Green Apple Mojito , Pomegranate Iced Tea and a Cocoa Banana Smoothie. The Green Apple Mojito and the Pomegranate Iced Tea had an evident presence of a blend of flavors and were a refreshing affair ! The Cocoa Banana Smoothie won our hearts and was difficult to let go! #recommended                                                        Green Apple Mojito – 150/-                                                                                                        Pomegranate Iced Tea – 150/- (glass), 320(jar)                                                                    Cocoa Banana Smoothie – 180/- 

2. FOOD :  The food menu has an all day breakfast dishes along with French fries, Nachos, Pastas, Garlic Breads and Soup. The best part about the food here is the freshness! The ingredients smell so good that you are immediately tempted to dig in ! From the food menu we decided to give the Stuffed Garlic Bread, Lemon Pepper French Fries , Nachos supreme , Chicken and Cheese Ratatouille Crepes and Pancakes a try. The Nachos Supreme consisting of Corn Tortilla Chips topped with Cheddar, and sour cream and salsa and the Chicken and Cheese Ratatouille were perfectly done with an overload of toppings and stuffing and are definitely a must try here. The stuffed garlic was freshly made and was the highlight of the day. The best part about Pardon my french is that there is nothing to complain about in the food.                     Stuffed Garlic Bread : 160/–                                                                                                                 Lemon Pepper French Fries :  120/-                                                                                                   Nachos Supreme :  140/-                                                                                                                       Chicken and Cheese Ratatouille Crepes :  180/-                                                                                 Classic Pancakes : 120/-

3. DESSERTS : Desserts make for an essential conclusion to a meal ! We feel that the entire experience could go wrong at a place if there desserts go wrong ! Pardon my french definitely pleased us with the lightness of its New York Cheesecake and the white chocolate in the White Forest Pastry and the delicious ice cream layers in the Hot chocolate fudge. The desserts definitely summed up our experience at Pardon my French at a good note leaving us satiated and happy.   The desserts are priced between 120/- and 180/- and do not dig a hole in the pocket.

To sum up, Pardon My French has adorable decor that produces bright vibes, and the food is the perfect balance of flavours and gives you no chance to complain about . Some places are just made with love and the service provided here also makes you feel that the makers have put in a lot of efforts to give the customers a wonderful experience.


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