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We have a lot to thank the Italians for , they truly add work and life onto food and wine. Rarely do you find an experience that offers such authentic food and gives you a taste of luxury. Sorriso, flourishes under Chef Jacopo Avigo , he is not only well travelled but also quite a promising chef at a really young age! We were offered a beautifully designed five course digital menu with descriptions for the evening with a varied options in vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes.

AMBIANCE : They say, “There is nothing more romantic than Italian food! ” , living by the name the restaurant doesn’t just serve you authentic Italian food but also manages to connect the food and beverage offering to the the intimate and romantic vibe that an Italian restaurant has to offer.

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ZUPPA :  STRACCIATELLA : Chicken soup with strands of eggs hailing from the Chef’s home town Brescia, the soup was extremely comforting with a sumptuous amount of ingredients and flavors mild on the palate .   PRICE :  425/- 


1. Scamorza Fusa : Pan grilled Mozarella with Radicchio leaf, caramelized onions and pure pan brioche is a beautiful combination of ingredients and a work of art presentation.    PRICE : 695/-                                                                                                                 2. Bufalo Tonnato : Thinly sliced tenderloin Buffalo drizzled with Tuna sauce and an assortment of salad, this dish is an amalgamation of textures and a treat to your palate. PRICE : 695/-                                                                                                                                           3. Cozze Ripiene : A personal favorite from the evening , these mussels , poached in Piccini white wine, garlic and parsley are served with a Bechamel sauce on the shells and deep fried with bread. PRICE : 695/-   #highlyrecommended

INSALATA : 1. ESTIVA : A delicious fresh salad not only in its taste but also its colors and textures is a combination of Crunchy Romaine, Green Lettuce, Smoked Salmon , toast bread , boiled egg and a lemon dressing.  PRICE : 625/–                                                                 2. Rapa Rossa with beet-root as the hero ingredient is a delicious and healthy salad containing Beetroot, Greek Feta, Peppermint, Sunflower seeds and dressed with a sweet and sour house dressing. Beetroot generally is a much avoided choice of salad but the Feta surely uplifts this dish and worth a try.    #recommended

PRIMO PIATTO (Home made pasta )Taglioni Al Limone – Surely one of the best Italian dishes served in town, this one is highly recommended if you want to try the most authentic and sophisticated versions of pasta that contains fresh lemon juice, butter and parsley.  PRICE : 595/-  #highlyrecommended.IMG_6852.JPG

SECONDI PIATTI ( Second Main course ) : Risotto ai funghi :  set with finely cooked prawns in a delicious sauce had me gorging on the prawns itself , not being a risotto fan , couldn’t really get through this dish.  PRICE : 695/– IMG_6856.JPG

DESSERT : Tiramisu in a jar with amaretto biscuits was not the most authentic version of tiramisu that we expected but was delicious anyways! The dark chocolate mousse with saffron sauce lacked the flavor of Saffron as expected and the combination did not please the palate too much.

Sorriso is definitely a delightful culinary experience with authentic Italian cuisine to offer. This restaurant has definitely made it to the list of best Italian food I have had. I would like to thank Tanvi Deshpande for extending this invite and Chef Jacopo Avigo for the wonderful evening.



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