Mineority by Saby , Kalyani Nagar

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There are so many places coming up everyday that you get tired of deciding where to eat and what to eat ! But what concerns us the most is the money we spend on our food experience! We are always on the look for places that are worth our money and when there is a new one in town we ask others from their experiences or read blogs like ours to know in detail ! Especially when there is a place based on a concept of ‘mining’ , we think twice before going! But when you know the restaurant is by the famous award winning Chef Saby , you dont need to question it much ! Saby’s venture in Pune is a concept which brings food that is popular in coal districts of India and all over the world, a concept personal to him after his father’s book on mining. The journey started with Lavaash by Saby in Delhi and the second venture is named Mineority by Saby!


Up beat interiors with usage of lot of color and beautiful detailing based on the theme of the restaurant. A charcoal based painting depicting the goddess worshiped by the miners , bird cages depicting Canary birds and even aesthetically simple things like cocktails served in a  Chimney like container. An outdoor and indoor seating is available as per suitability.

Starters : 

The Chef decided to serve us with some of the specialties served. The vegetarian menu consisted of dishes like

Lalu Aloo Samosa a slight variant of the traditional samosa. Served with Ghugni with a healthy buckwheat covering and potato filling, this dish is irresistible.

Smoked Jungle Wrap Paneer  Chargrilled in a flavourful tribal leaf wrap, this had a blend of flavors from the north east and was extremely well cooked to make you go wow!

Calcutta Club Chilli Paneer   with bell peppers, is a simple looking dish with unique flavors, works great on the palate. #recommended

Kenyan Suya Kebab Chunky mutton Kebabs served with a Kachumbari salad and marinated in a spicy peanuts, these hot kebabs served in a sumptuous quantity were upto the mark with the softness of the meat !

Brazilian Chicken Pies : These delicious croquettes were creamy and a treat to eat. One just cannot stop at one! #recommended

Dhanbad Club Mutton Puff : Kalimpong cheese, mustard and tamarind chutney yet with a small portion of mutton stuffing. A well executed dish priced at a reasonable rate.

Jhanjhwala Prawn Panch phodon , crushed chillies, fresh radish pods! This dish was the highlight of the day with a wonderful variety of prawns served in a hot plate! #highlyrecommended


Usually when a place served you such a delicious range of starters, the main course lands up being a disappointment . But very rarely we find restaurants who maintain a consistency with all the courses. Mineority takes it a little higher with the wonderful selection of main course.

Tenga Chanar Dalna
An elephant apple curry, with chunks of Paneer, served with a paratha. Soft paneer chunks and the lightness of the flavors makes this an excellent dish.

Pasta Fungi Bake
A pasta served in oozing creamy sauce with equally delicious ingredients, wins your heart! One of the best pastas eaten in a while along with mushrooms in it.

Chingri Malai Curry : The most beautiful dish served in the evening, with a large quantity of whole prawns served coconut mild and mustard was a delight for the stomach and treat to the eyes! #highlyrecommended

Shillong Mylliem Chicken : Khasi pepper,onion, Himalayan garlic, ginger buttered pav and stir fried chicken, a blend of flavors from the north , this dish is definitely a change from the usual food we order at restaurants.

DESSERTS : In a conceptual restaurant, one wonders what the dessert section will really be like. Keeping the desserts simple and basic to the dishes we find all over the world yet adding the ingredients that take us to the roots where they hail from . The Tres Leches Cake made out of three types of milk was soft and a personal favorite from the menu. The Miners dark devil cake ranked next was a layered mud cake with chocolate frosting and had my heart at the presence of chocolate! The South African Malva cake is a steamed pudding served with ice cream was a miss for me and the Jurrasic Cheesecake was overpowered by the Tres Leches Cake.


1. Handia Madi
A traditional froth beer, made from rice fermented in a handi contained beer, gin, with a dash of ginger ale, lime, and honey and coconut cream. The presentation of this one was bang on and one can slowly enjoy this delicious beer from a variety of handis one by one!

2. Smoking Chimney
Containing vodka, gin, rum, cola, star anise, palm jaggery and fresh mint, personally I would never choose a drink like this but the presentation in a Chimney and topped with a candy floss couldnt stop me from giving it a try. Doesnt give you a hit and runs down smoothly through the throat.

Overall the experience at Mineority by Saby was a pleasant one ! Though the review is a delayed one, but the memory of the food still remains fresh due to its quality. The ambiance is definitely a hit with its concept and lives upto its name . I would like to thank Shivangi Shah from Carpe Diem for calling us and helping us tick off another hip place off our list!


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