Panash-Four points by Sheraton

Panash is a revamped version to re create a better pan Asian experience for their diners. The city has been catching up with a craze for Asian food & Panash has left no stone un turned to up their game with the launch of the new menu.



Panash has done a brilliant job when it comes to beverages (be it cocktails or mock tails) All the ones we tried were excellent and up to the mark! The bartender knows what he is doing and serves mixes with just the right amount of everything. Go ahead and order the one you like or just go with their recommendations.


1)The sushi platter:Known for serving sushi before the revamp of Panash, this Sushi platter that includes a vegetarian one is a must try for everyone looking for the authentic Sushi platter. Served beautifully with some interesting combinations, this one is #highlyrecommended.

It included the Haru Maki (Tuna, salmon roll),  California Maki( Prawn and crab stick roll), fusion maki ( cottage cheese & scallions) , Tempura asparagus maki and all of them very fantastic only making it difficult for us to choose the best one.


2)Jiaozi is a dumpling with an unconventional combination of chicken and mushroom , which worked out well on the palate. The green dumpling stuffed with Spinach, celery & Pak choy Mushroom is highly recommended to all the health freaks who enjoy their greens !


 3)Phuket style barbeque chicken :Strips of chicken nicely blended with garlic ,chilly and basil, this was quite appealing but a tangy chilly sauce as an add on would do wonders to this one.

 4)Lajiao Lian ou: Lotus stem is really catching up these days and personally I really like this dish. The flavors of honey and chilly naturally made it a nice dish to binge on.




1)Jasmine rice and stir fried broccoli with silken almond : As the same says it all, we had the stir fried broccoli with roasted tofu and silken almond which was delicious with some amazingly soft and aromatic jasmine rice. Also,jasmine rice is a rarely available in the city so make sure you order this one.


2)Pad Thai noodles: A treat to the eyes, these well cooked noodles were served along with some salad with a nice freshness to it. This one was decent like the usual ones.


3)Lotus leaf chicken:Lotus leaf has always been a wonderful medium for cooking food. The chicken we had, wrapped in lotus leaf was flavorful and succulent. Relished it.


1)Lemongrass pannacotta:Hands down, one of the best pannacottas in town! A special mention to the chef who thought of adding the flavor of lemongrass to it. Honestly , I didn’t expect it to go so well with the pannacotta but I was pleasantly surprised.

2)Coconut pancake:Mini pancakes served with shredded coconuts, drizzled with honey!The pancakes were soft and fluffy, the add ons worked really well. With Nutella and bananas being the usually add ons , this one was off beat and a refreshing change. Although, I would have preferred it with some fresh cream.



A good restaurant is the one which gives you a good experience and Panash is definitely doing a good job there. Finally, I would like to thank the entire  team of Panash and Mr. Devendra for all the hospitality.

Panash - Four Points by Sheraton Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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