Food Trail 1.0

Pune has been growing exponentially in terms of food industry. It’s become one of the most coveted and glamorous sectors now. With the rise of restaurants and eateries , the competition has been fierce. Everyone has to stay on their toes all the time to survive. Today, even marketing consultancies and food bloggers have been playing a remarkable role in the entire food scenario.

With all this coming up, Carpediem decided to do something unusual , which I can say is their forte , organise a food trail and arrange for something fun for all the restaurants and bloggers.

I was lucky enough to be a part of Food trail 1.0. With no expectations set but lots of excitement, all of us met at the liberty square in Phoenix market city which was decided as the location for the food trial wherein all the bloggers would be asked to pick up a chit of an ingredient and a restaurant and they had to put their best and choose the most unusual dish from the place.

So I picked up green chilly and was secretly happy with my ingredient and my restaurant was Copper Chimney. With my fellow bloggers, we rushed to the place and ran through the place clicking pictures of it as all of us wanted to make the best out of it.

After an exhaustive search of all the dishes consisting of our respective ingredient through the menu , I finally found my dish.

“CHICKEN BHARTA” Sounds intriguing right??

So unlike chicken curries which are usually cooked in red spices , this one had pieces of shredded chicken cooked in flavours of green chilly and coriander. With a slight sweetness to it , it still managed to maintain the spice of green chilly. This chicken bharta will go well with any sort of bread especially roomali roti.

As sides we also ordered cheese chilly naan with chunks of cheese and green chillies mixed well in the dough. The naan turned out to be very appetising and we also ordered extra cheese with it which made it extra yummy. We also had badam halwa to end our lunch on a sweet note.

With a brain storming experience trying to give our best shot at photography and choosing our star dish, we did manage to keep our adrenaline high all the time. With an evening filled with zeal, I shall definitely want to thank Carpediem for pulling out rabbits out of their magic hats and ensuring that the entire food trail went smoothly.


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