Kargo-Lets go!!

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Kargo has been instrumental in introducing the concept of nanzas to Pune and how thankful are we for that! Koregaon Park has been stormed by numerous restaurants and food outlets and you need to be doing something right to be able to flourish in the most competitive food hub of Pune.Kargo has always been on the upfront when it comes to exploring the needs of their customers and bringing something new to their table every now and then.Welcoming interiors, classy vibe and comfort food, Kargo is surely a package deal.

To start with, they have introduced some bang on happy hour deals to ensure all times are happy times.You also have a daily special beverage deal which makes drinking all the way more fun.

*Make sure you check their page on zomato for daily offers*

Lets not spend too much time and  get to food.

Its a soupy affair!!

1)Cream of broccoli and almond soup: Broccoli and almonds, a pretty unconventional combination right? well, it surely did turn out well. Right balance of both the flavours and  fantastic consistency. But think before ordering it as it will be liked only by a selected type of people.


2)Cream of garlic with mushroom phyllo: An extremely rich blend of cream and very healthy mushrooms, this was one of the best soups of this kind that I have had in recent times.


Naanzas- A pizza naan?

1)Cottage cheese naanza : Thin crispy bread topped with cottage cheese and a few sauces which had a tangy taste. I found the overall dish a little weird in terms of taste probably because of the sauce or the cottage cheese used.


2)Smoked chicken naanza: A very subtle flavor of smoked chicken with jalapenos and the fresh crumbly bread left me craving for more. It will easily qualify as one of the best naanzas in town.


Appetizing  much?

1)Coronation apple salad: Apple, lettuce , walnuts, almonds and pomegranate in a salad!! Isn’t it an incredible combination of such nutritious ingredients. I loved the idea so much that I literally tried making it after I got  home the other day.


2)Chicken skewers: Marinated chicken is grilled later with slight oil on skewers. This one didn’t impress me as such and can be worked on for flavors a little.


Italian cravings?

Veg Crostini: Crostini is an Italian appetizer with thin fine textured bread with the toppings as per your creativity. We had lots of veggies over a circular bread, soft and crispy bread I must say,making it a tempting veg starter afterall.


The mandatory starter?

Lemon chilli paneer tikka: Who can do without some paneer on the table. This was a usual paneer tikka, soft and well cooked paneer (cottage cheese so to say) with hints of lemon. No surprises here, this dish just fared well.


Time for some good filling food?

1)Madras curry and rice: I am someone who is always looking out for some good south Indian food, maybe my origins back to Karnataka are to blame for. No points for guessing I was like an over enthusiastic baby to try this curry out.Let me tell you, the combination of coconut milk, curry leaves and pepper can do wonders for me. Loved this curry though it was on the sweeter side.I definitely recommend it to people who are fond of coconut milk based slightly sweet curries.


2)Confit chicken: Creamy tomato buttered chicken which tasted a little like butter chicken, was a delight to have. It was served with some delicious garlic naan and pepper rice.


3)Veg khowsuey: Recently, I have started liking khowsueys alot and have started bookmarking the places which serve nice khowsuey. Kargo has surely managed to be on my list. Except the fact that it was a little too tangy , this dish is a hit on all the terms right from flavors to textures.


4)Cottage cheese pesto: Kargo has been doing a remarkable job at keeping its vegetarian customers happy. This dish just says it loud and clear. Sauteed grilled vegetables with pesto flavored cottage cheese served with rice, this one has been clearly winning hearts.


Did anyone say desserts?

Without a doubt, desserts were the best part of the meal. I am in love with all of them as each dessert was exemplary and left us exhilarated at the end of our scrumptious meal.

1)Coconut basil pannacotta:

2)Blueberry cheesecake:

3)Rasberry jam ice cream:


4)Single origin chocolate ice cream:


I would like to thank the entire team of Kargo for hosting us and Mr. Hatim for extending the invite as we had a really good time here and we shall definitely look forward to trying out more food here.

Kargo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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