Cheat on Food at Cafe Cheat Day, Salunkhe Vihar!

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A cafe is something that connects with people when it give you a comforting feeling! The comfort comes only when the makers of the cafe put in their heart and soul into it.

Cafe Cheat Day is a place that involves the feelings of the people who carry their love for the food and years spent in Dubai and have recently moved to Pune to tell their story through this place!

Ambiance : An extremely cute cafe with a lot of effort put in the detailing at every corner. The owners are extremely passionate about this place and are very enthusiastic about sharing their connection behind the detailing that was put in while establishing the cafe. Not just the food but also the artifacts used here will keep you engaged here. Its small , cozy , quirky and vibrant!

What we ate ? 

The food is mainly focussed on Middle eastern cuisine , with ingredients sourced from Middle east or matched to maintain the essence of the same!

The menu involves choices between : Manakeesh , Sides , Healing Food , Live cooking stations, Shakes & Teas


Manakeesh : This is a popular Levantine dish similar to a pizza topped with Zaatar, Cheese, etc. We tried the Cheese With Zaatar Manakeesh and the Cheese Manakeesh with 4 types of cheese (Kashkaval, Mozzarella, Halumi and White Cheddar) . Both of these were delicious and cooked in a very traditional manner!

Healing food :


Veg Nachos with in house chips and dip were delicious !
Jalapeno Poppers :  Mix of Akawi(Nabulsi) and Mozzarella was a combination of Cheese from Akka.
Falafel Plate  Was crunchy and authentic with a delicious bowl of hummus ! We could not stop gorging on the Hummus!
Beetroot Hummus This was so fresh and authentic is recommended for everyone looking for a tastier variety of Beetroot! #highlyrecommended
Vodoo Shrimps Sriracha sauce Shrimps served hot are spicy and hot on your palate that go perfectly well with a dish paired with Hummus!
BBQ Wings Made on point with some nice juicy chicken and bbq sauce! #recommended
Chicken Open Shawarma (Hassan Matar) , this Shawarma was delicious and definitely had me indulging till the last bite! Shawarmas being a personal favorite, this is deconstructed version to the regular ones ! #highlyrecommended
Cheesy Peri Peri Fries with Arabic masala makes for a nice side dish that you can cheat with 😛
Fish and Chips  : Fried Fresh Basa served with French Fries is the most ultimate form of cheat meals that one could have!
Pizzas : BBQ Pizzas with a touch of middle eastern is different and a must try!
Green Chicken Made from dried Chillies this one was easily one of my favorites from what I ate at Cafe Cheat Day #highlyrecommended

Desserts :

Unicorn Love SOUR punk candies, mini marshmallows with candy beans, lavender and rose essence with strawberry ice cream , this one is not just a treat to the eyes but also gives you an instant throwback to your childhood days where we had candies! #highlyrecommended

Cookie Monster Oreo, cookies, chocolate chips and vanilla ice cream with Azrak essence (rice and molasses giving blue color)
Bhurj Khalifa The homemade brownie, with chocolate chips, Oreo and Goat Cream was soft and gave you a feeling of an instant hug!

The menu also included waffles , that I could not have due to an overload of food in the stomach . But it surely looked delicious!

Moroccan Tea We ended our High Tea with this Organic tea made from mint leaves known as Nana.


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